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From the Dog’s perspective

13 Dec

My human is funny and clever.

I can bring him a stick or ball and he will throw it away.

I can watch him do this all day.

He can open doors!

I can try for hours to open a door and fail.

He does it so easily.

I need to train him better.


What one grows – If I don’t want it, it’s a weed

11 Dec

Lizzy, Lizzy in a tizzy

How does your garden grow?

With fragrant roses to tickle our noses,

and friendly daisies all in a row.


But I cannot see, that tiny tree

that I ponder sat just there.


Oh that little tree, no longer part of me

T’was torn from the earth, given no berth

And while I am kindly, it was done quite blindly

that little tree, that’s no longer part of me