Chapter 2 Part 1

30 Sep

Hands gripped the steering wheel. The narrow mountain road was slippery in the winter mist. These tight curves and undulations were more dangerous than that blonde from the 2 weeks prior. She was a slippery one too; more slippery than he cared to remember. At first he thought Mike was a diminutive for Michelle, little did he know. Mike also made him crash and burn. He shuddered to think of it, just for a split-second losing control as the vehicle fish-tailed around the curve, he deftly regain control as if he knew what he was doing.

“Dinner”, Red called.

“My Lord woman, you almost caused me to drive off the cliff.” He said clinching his cigarette holder between his teeth, swiveling it back and forth.

“Pause the game; you can get back to it after dinner.”

Throwing down the controller and drifting into the kitchen, he exclaimed: “What the hell is this!”

“It’s dinner”, she sarcastically indicated.

“This isn’t a dinner. This is a feast of the gods.  And that is just what you presented; heaven knows what you have in the kitchen. Did you have this delivered? Because I didn’t see any delivery vans.”

“Well, after I cleaned your kitchen I went shopping and bought a few things – threw this together for dinner.” she said adroitly opening and pouring the Chianti.

“Red, you don’t mind me calling you Red do you?”

“Why should I start now?”

“Well Red, I have a myriad of questions, not the least is what is your actual name. But first, what are you doing here?”

“You hired me. I didn’t think you would remember, so the contract spells out our duties and obligations.”

“You hired a lawyer to write an employee contract?”

“No, I am a lawyer.”


“Yes and I am residing upstairs, in the empty suite.”

“Excellent. I always wanted an attorney living upstairs.  The herb crusted rack of lamb is excellent, and the potatoes Boulangère – best ever. How did we meet?  Whatever I’m paying you, I’m sure I can’t afford it.”

“We met in camera when you are attempting to get a restraining order against Mike. I was Mike’s attorney. I was filing restraining order against you.”

“Well,  did Mike go home with my attorney?”

“I think he may have.”

“This meal has been fantastic, better than the most exclusive restaurants-what’s for dessert?”

“Let me thrash a batch of whipped cream.”

“Be quick about it, I have a game to finished!”


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