My Little Pony

31 May

A Tale of Management

I work in a large hospital that is highly rated with a national reputation, even thought the reputation was earned some 30 years ago. The administration is proud of this point and publicized it. This is done to the point and with an attitude that it was the administrators who are responsible for this honor and not the physicians and nurses.

This perception leads to a circular logic where they believe they know best and stop projects because, if we are already the best, we don’t need that – even if it is the standard of care.

The other day I was trying to explain this using an analogy of a child-parent interaction, where the parent is always right. When we, the child, make a request, the administrators (parent) dutifully listens to what we want and need then to proceed to buy what ever they want, because they know better.  Even when provided them with minute details as to the failings of their choice, they have an idiotic retort, like ‘we can get this one faster.’ (But we have already waited 6 years, what is 4 more months?)

And now for my analogy:

A little girl’s parents ask her what she wants for her birthday. She says what she really, really wants is a pony. (Who wouldn’t?)  On that special day, her dad tells her at breakfast, “Guess what honey? We got you a pony!”

The girl squeals with delight and runs outside to see her pony. Her father brings it around the house hobbling behind him. The little girl dumfounded exclaims, “It only has 3 legs!”

“Yes, but it is a pony”

“I can’t ride a 3-legged pony!”

“Of course you can, just not very fast, at a hobble. You can always sit on it. Just don’t approach it from its right side. He has a bad eye and will bite.  And after a couple of minutes of sitting on him, you will need to get off.


“He’s temperamental.”

“So, you got me a pony with 3 legs, and a bad eye that bites?!”

“Yes, we got you a pony! Aren’t you happy?”


“It is not every little girl who gets her own pony for her birthday. You are nothing but an ungrateful spoiled brat!”

“But is it is a dud pony. I cannot gallop or jump with it.”

“Well those are actually safety features. And damn it, it IS a pony – so shut up!


One Response to “My Little Pony”

  1. Jenny Starley July 19, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Love the analogy; cannot stop laughing!

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