And this is why I will continue to look like a sasquash

1 May

I recently received a Groupon offer for laser hair removal. Being a hirsute individual with more than ample ear and back hair, and chest hair, I decided to give it a look.

Oh my lord, look at the non-discounted cost!

Small Areas

  • Back of neck (up to a $649.56 value)
  • Bikini line (up to a $1,300.32 value)
  • Cheeks (up to a $649.56 value)
  • Ears (up to a $649.56 value)
  • Eyebrows (up to a $649.56 value)
  • Front of neck (up to a $649.56 value)
  • Hairline/forehead (up to an $844.32 value)
  • Hands (up to an $844.32 value)
  • Feet (up to an $844.32 value)
  • Sideburns (up to a $649.56 value)
  • Underarms (up to a $1,300.32 value)
  • Upper lip (up to a $649.56 value)

Medium Areas

  • Full face (up to a $1,300.32 value)
  • Lower arms/forearms (up to a $2,276.64 value)
  • Shoulders (up to a $2,766.64 value)
  • Upper arms (up to a $2,276.64 value)

Large Areas

  • Abdomen (up to a $1,300.32 value)
  • Chest (up to a $2,766.64 value)
  • Brazilian (up to a $1,948.56 value)
  • Buttocks (up to a $3,247.56 value)
  • Upper back (up to a $3,247.56 value)
  • Lower back (up to a $3,247.56 value)
  • Upper legs (up to a $3,247.56 value)
  • Lower legs (up to a $3,247.56 value)

It’s like they charge by the hair! I am in the wrong line of work people.


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