Amazing Evolution

29 Apr

I went out for a walk yesterday with my dogs around the neighborhood. For some reason I have a compulsion to photograph mushrooms and mushroom-like stuff, although I have never had a perfect boob mushroom like Jenny, aka the bloggess. (Too lazy to link at the moment even thought it is recent.) Mine, if they look like boobs at all, are old granny boobs or bad plastic surgery.

But yesterday I came across some fascinating fungi that shows you just how powerful  and fast evolution can work. Here is an example of a fungi whose fruiting body looks just like a tennis ball, and here is another. Amazing.

This transformation will result in small children picking them up aiding in the dispersal of its spores. Even more efficient is when they are tossed into the air and hit with a tennis racket. WHAM!  Far more efficient than being dispersed at ground level like the rest of the fungi.

But this one has me puzzled.

Why does it look like a disposable cup. What possible evolutionary advantage does that have. Still working on it.

This is a photo of lichen on a fence. If you squint and turn your head slightly it looks just like a founding father, George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, I cannot make up my mind yet.

(Note: I lied. It looks like lichen on a wooden fence. Those could be GW’s teeth. He should have brushed more often and flossed!)

I may not have found my fungus boob yet but I still think it is a Win-Win for me and Jenny.


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