Only I think this funny

1 Apr

This is a response to Jenny Lawson’s video advertising her new book, “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened.”  So this ruminated around in my head for a few minutes and I found it very entertaining and amusing – and I believe I am the only one who think this. Since no one reads this blog but me, I will look back on this and giggle and wonder why it was not universally praised.

A conspiracy going back over two millennium has recently been uncovered. Documents written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Coptic show a pattern among Early Christian Bishop and Rabbinical councils to independently redact humorous sections of the what is known as the New and Old Testaments. Discovery of the documents involved an extensive search of early Vatican, Orthodox, Coptic and Synagogues records. Early church authorities believed that a more serious tone was required  for the sermons and that “the funny bits” were a distraction. One early Bishop’s letter complains that the urine odor after the preaching of these passages was just overwhelming the following week.

Preliminary reviews of these documents by Biblical scholars state that the humor is wide-ranging and translates remarkable well, even the ancient puns. “It is as if it were divinely inspired!” one translator was overheard saying.  Another scholar confidentially said she understood why so much had been hidden. There are these stories of Jesus as a practical joker. He was particularly fond of raising-the-dead during a funeral service and seeing the histrionic reactions of the relatives.

The religious authorities and secular scholars agree on that all work shall remain unpublished until the full codex is available. Even so the sniping has already begun. One Vatican Cardinal has been reported to say that “the Jews has been secretly using this material for centuries and that accounts for the phenomenal success rate as comedians.”  The only item that the scholars agree on is that once this material is published, the Bible will be the funniest book ever!

Now I ponder why I am the only one who thinks this is funny:

  • It’s not funny and I am warped
  • It is too sophisticated
  • Lack of fart jokes, which is really the same as above
  • It’s funny; no one has seen it.
  • People take religion way to seriously!
  • Just buy her book if you actually want to laugh.

2 Responses to “Only I think this funny”

  1. Firehorse April 1, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    I laughed – or, y’know, I would have laughed if I’d been here to read it but it is a commonly accepted fact that I am warped so it might not be funny.

  2. HeatherWhoLovesTheBloggess April 2, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    I thought this was fantastic when I saw in in the comments on The Bloggess’ site and I had to come over and say so.

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