Meandering Musings

16 Feb

Why is it that I can think of interesting ideas for other people to post but when it comes to me I seem to be at a loss? It has occurred to me that I should make an alternate personality that I assign ideas and topics to discuss. One issue I have tried to avoid is politics. It is not that I have a nothing to say on the subject – just the opposite. There are plenty of blogs that deal with politics, but I have notice that people are so entrenched in their personal believe that they ascribe evil intentions to those who disagree with them. They are so absolutely sure that they are unable to question their beliefs or position.

Me – sure I have my biases, but I do question mine. It is very difficult to objectively view oneself. People do the most evil things in the name of good. Not to justify what they are doing but because they believe. There is also a circular logic and a psychological aspect.

There is a phenomenon of getting someone to like you by having them do you a favor. This doesn’t seem right – doing them a favor should aid in them liking you, not the other way around, but it is real. It seems that we need to rationalize why we are doing someone a favor; we conclude we are doing it because we like them. Don’t believe me?  Then read this: How to Win Respect — Even From Your Opposition

Heh, you have to read the link to get the Ben Franklin connection.

More musings later.


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