Letter from an Egyptian Friend

3 Feb

Below is a copy of a letter I received today and his call for prayers for democracy, justice and peace.

Hi mousebert,

Thanks for your concern. My Family is OK but we are all willing to give every drop of blood to make this revolution succeed. The government is now trying to split people apart, to use thugs and police forces dressed as civilians and call them pro Mubarak protesters and to prevent food from reaching people.

It’s amazing how this revolution has started on face book. The regime has always scared everybody about having an extremist Islamic government if they fall but now everybody sees that the people who have started this revolution are people like me and you.

Now even lots of Christians have joined the revolution because they are suspicious that the regime has performed or allowed the bombing of the Church in Alexandria to get people involved in fighting each other and not fighting the government.

I pray for any of my family members involved and for all the heroes standing against the regime in Tahrir square and elsewhere in Egypt. Please pray for all the people fighting evil in Egypt. God helps them.

Will keep you updated.

Yours Truly,


(Identifying information redacted)

Also please forward.


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