Events that Define – 47 years ago today – Part 2

22 Nov

I was talking to my mother tonight and she reminded me about my uncle Declan. Declan was one of the younger siblings of my father, who lived in Dallas  in the early 60s and had married a Russian woman with two children by a previous marriage. There were not many expatriates from Russia in the Dallas area and they pretty much knew each other. I guess you can see where this is going. His wife, who I  remember as Katcha  (questionable spelling) knew Oswald’s wife, Marina.

My uncle worked for some agency of the federal government. Of course with all the publicity of the assassination his connection with Oswald came out. Overnight he became a pariah. Although I never knew  or saw it, probably because I was still a child the time, my mother stated that this changed and ruined him. According to her this is why he started drinking heavily becoming an alcoholic.

Note: doing a Google search it appears from the records of the assassination that my aunts English name was Katherine.



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