I see dumb people

18 Nov

Okay, so I’m in a bad mood because I’m on-call, but really because I have to deal with the stupid technologist. Just received a page from a technologist informing me, using the short version of the story which I finally elicited, that a patient who had earlier refused the study, returned and it was now completed and ready.

The version I got from the technologist seemed like she was trying to compete in the verbal version of nano-nano-writer-month (#nanowrimo”). She would ask rhetorical questions, provide totally unnecessary circumlocutions narrations of the event, somehow including how big bug scared her grandmother as a child, before it I could interrupt her enough time to ask if the study was ready? The simple retort would have been, “yes.”

Instead what I got was ‘well if you would let me finish this is what I trying to tell you and then some other things that need to be said about, you know how, I position the patient and took the images which is the regular way we do it but I wanted make sure you understood that it was clear and you understood it before I let you go yada yada yada.’

Another tech called me regarding a stat procedure because the patient had a previous exam yesterday that could interfere. I told him that because of what was ordered we were going to have to do the study now anyways. But he kept insisting that I look at the background images and call him back to see if we wanted to proceed. I had to explain it to him three times and he still didn’t get it. Finally, I said to do the study now. So he asked, “you want me to do the study anyways?”


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