Trying not to let spam annoy me

1 Oct

The Good Spam

(These would probably be better tweets, but there are just too many of them – I think, either that or I am just too lazy.)

Thoughts that go through my head when reading the titles in the spam mail box:

I can barely read this one that says something about LASIK.

Hoveround isn’t that what the dogs do?

Spank me hard babyI’ll get back to that one

Disney destinations odd, that one should appear just after “spank me hard baby

Black people meetwell isn’t that nice

Asian womenmaybe they should get together with the black people

Amo Latina, premier source for meeting Latin women – they look about 150 pounds lighter than most of the ones I see daily

You won a free G4 iPhonejust fill out the 600 pages below and select the hundred and 150 free gifts that we will bill you for shipping

Hawaii not bad, how are you

Caribbean vacations – JamaicaNo,  she wanted to go

Apartment for rent is my wife planning on throwing me out?

Cialis, ViagraI told my wife to stop sending me these e-mails. Is that why I got the apartment for rent one?


One Response to “Trying not to let spam annoy me”

  1. bet365 I'm a loser October 3, 2010 at 12:21 pm #

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    ** 2 items makes me think this is not from the UK. 1st the grammar and 2nd the website is in Spanish.
    Sad that I am soooo desperate for comments that I modify spam. Website altered. If you really want it, you can figure out what I did. **

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