You’re so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you – Don’t you

5 Jun

Why aren’t the empathetic, empathetic?   Are those who profess values of kindness, love and peace and then fail to practice them hypocrites or just inadequate?  Do they use their position to garner praise and for self glorification, or have they set themselves a high standard that they continually struggle to obtain?

I wish I knew.

How can one have peace without justice? How can one have justice without understanding and communication?  Are those just so many words or do you actually believe them? Do you try to live those values? Do you practice them in your daily life? Where does peace start?  Is it with the nation-state, the community, family or does it start with each one of us, the individual?

You claim to hate prejudice, yet you prejudge. You say you want peace and understanding, yet you want peace and understanding only on your terms only. Pseudo-sentimentality and  pseudo-generosity are not real kindness.  You put on the airs and graces of sweetness and light. Is this just a façade?


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