@$%#& MIA

25 Apr

Well, it has been almost a week since my last post regarding @$%#& and my Twitter message mentioning her and basically asking her to explain herself.  I have received absolutely no response from her. While disappointed, I am not particularly surprised. @$%#& thinks of herself as morally superior. Why else would she feel entitled to write what she did. (See below plus the link she is referring too.) There was an article in the Telegraph back in March about this phenomenon. Liars, cheats, thieves: the terrible truth about the mean greens

No, what this study really does is to confirm our deep-rooted suspicion that there is something fishy about people who profess to be greener than thou.

If you substitute “greener than thou” with her professed “all hugs and kisses”  you can see where see not only feels entitled to be vicious and lie, but when caught, believes apologizing for tone but not content is more than sufficient and takes no responsibility to fix what she broke. Now, if you are a friend of @$%#&’s and wish to defend her, please review the material and tell me in a thoughtful manner what I did to deserve such vicious comments. To me this was entirely unprovoked.

Link to referred content:  http://zebrasounds.net/2010/02/09/her-short-skirt/#comments

@$%#&’s original messages on my blog:

@$%#& said…
You want respect? Try deserving it ~ Apparently you didn’t notice when I stopped talking to you~ after reading your disgusting comments on J’s post about “short skirts” ~ you have no respect for women & I don’t want to hear about the strong women in your family, etc. etc. because YOU DO NOT RESPECT WOMEN. Plus, as your above post shows, you feel ENTITLED beyond what your own efforts have earned you, you do NOT have basic human compassion for people in need and YOU better shut up and leave J alone. You don’t even have the courage to let people know you’re name ~go ahead and hide behind the image of a mouse ~ it’s quite fitting because you ARE a rodent. You made me physically ill with your comments on J’s short skirt post and reading your words today/seeing your actions of yesterday only confirm that reaction. You are disgusting. @$%#&
March 9, 2010 11:32 AM

MB said…

I apologize. You have some excellent points. I am confused because I thought we had a consensus on the women dressing issue – that respect is the default position. I also wish to apologize in my initial response back to you. I should not have done that while I was upset. I give very good advice, I should follow it.

I can explain my actions; I’m not going to claim they are right – but they seemed right to me. Basically, I have no business or right telling you who you can follow, praise or what you can think. If I am going to read your material, then I should accept it. If I have a problem with it, it is my problem. The way I saw to reconcile the conflict is not to read it. 

I didn’t feel that I have the right to cry shenanigans when I think your stuff is BS. 

That said, my response was a visceral one and not a logical one.

I don’t have an issue with fair criticism. If you want to criticize the GOP, I have my own list. 

I you think I am harassing you please say so and point out specifics because I don’t want to do that. BTW, you have a lot of defenders judging by the hate mail I am getting.
So now what?
March 9, 2010 11:41 AM

@$%#&s said…
J cares about other people’s feelings, even yours, so for her sake, please let it go. Remove the post and comments from here and just put us and all the rest behind you and move on in your own world. If you don’t stop, I do have one thing I can do, even though I don’t know your name, and that is to let the Twitterverse know how despicible “Musbert” is ~ I may only have 500 followers, but J’s friends have tens of thousands. You can then change your twitter user name, but I recognize your type, whatever the name. Just drop it, erase it, go on with your life but STAY AWAY from J! Seriously. @$%#&
March 9, 2010 11:55 AM

@$%#& said…
Oh, and please remove the Zebra Sounds link from your blogroll in order to protect Judy from even having to see the name of your blog come up in her referrals. You’re blocked from Zebra Sounds and from us on twitter. If you want, you and I can block each other from our sites, too, but I really don’t want to waste any more time on you. You feel you are right in your heart and misunderstood and being treated unfairly and I know your whole song and dance act. Just erase everything to do with us from your blog and your twitterverse and move on. Surely, you have more important things to deal with. @$%#&
March 9, 2010 12:08 PM

MB said…

Are you the official spokes person for Judy? I am not trying to start a fight, but I don’t know if you are doing this with her consent or because or being protective. If Judy has designated you to act for her, the I will do as you ask. I have already removed the links per your request.
March 9, 2010 12:19 PM

@$%#& said…
Yes, I have Judy’s confidence, knowledge and permission to be here in her place. She will not be back. And, yes, I am also protecting her from you and from herself, as she is too kind-hearted and will allow herself to be hurt trying to see the good in people. I have experience with men just like you (though you are a unique individual) and have advised her to stay away from you. She is taking my advice. I will gladly leave you alone so long as you stay away from her. Your world view and her’s cannot be reconciled, so best for everyone if you just block us out and move on. @$%#&
March 9, 2010 12:42 PM

Note: @$%#& was lying. Judy did not communicate to @$%#& or give her implicit or explicit permission. Only after I said I was going to contact Judy, did @$%#& change her tone and offer her lame pseudo-apology for her tone in a DM.


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