Stupid cell phones

6 Mar

Well actually the title should be stupid people with cell phones.

It used to be, prior to the ubiquity of cell phones, that I could amble down the street and recognize the schizophrenic people. They were the disheveled, pacing around, gesticulating and talking or shouting to themselves, often incoherently. Now I see people doing this all the time except that they are well dressed instead of disheveled. They are people talking on their cell phones with a Bluetooth device. For some peculiar psychological reason, which is a mystery, when people are talking on their cell phones other people become invisible. Also, the cell phone user will choose the most inconvenient place to do their rambling and pacing, as far as other people are concerned. Trying to get by them is a contact sport. The spot usually involves some bottleneck where a trashcan, or streetlight etc. occupies part of the walkable space. I believe this is related to the same phenomenon on why family reunions frequently take place at the end of escalators, just outside an elevator or a department store door.

While driving it is easy to discern who the cell phone abuser is. The first indication is that the driving speed drops dramatically, then the driver starts to weave back and forth occupying one and a half lanes instead of the usual single lane. At traffic lights, they like to wait until the entire sky turns green before proceeding.

Many people refer to their cell phones as a cell. I would like to throw them in a cell.

Stupid cell phones!


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