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What I have learned

24 Mar

It seems that the life lessons I need to know come well after I could have used them. I use to be on Twitter; then one day things deteriorated rapidly. I may have started it, but mine was a pebble followed by an avalanche. Did I learn anything or just relearn what I have forgotten? I think it is the latter.

A “new” lesson is that if I want to increase one’s blog hits, get a controversy going with someone who is popular and play it out on your blog. Not quite the appeal of sex, more like a traffic accident.

Well, after years of being an introvert, cautious, fearful, I appeared to have come out of my shell. I started taking social risk. People noticed and were complementing me as I had never happened to me before. I have always had a close group of friends – my comfort zone. I did not readily venture beyond that comfort zone and for good reason – at least to me. I was anxious. Every time I did something negative happen. Obviously my self-esteem, my ego is not so secure that I can brush these aside as ignorant or stupid comments. Intellectually, I know they are, but my intellect, my reason, is not always in control of my emotions. I find myself asking now “What did they mean by that?” at the most innocent of remarks and seeing them in a pessimistic context. No point rehashing the details; they already consume my thoughts.

I really see no point of taking risks at the moment, going outside my comfort zone, trying to interact with strangers, old friends or old acquaintances whom I always wanted to know better.

Baby, do you understand me now?
If sometimes, you see that I’m mad …
Don’t you know no one alive can always be an angel,
When everything goes wrong, you see some bad.
But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good:
Oh Lord! Please don’t let me be misunderstood



7 Mar

I believed we were conversing

I spoke-
And then all I heard was the echo

An invite-
Ah, now there’s a sound I know well – crickets!

The questions, they are easy,
The answers? They are not to be known by me.
A puzzle-
Why? What occurred?
Did I fracture some obligatory unspoken social convention?

I know you are there,
I see and hear you with others.

Even the blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally.
Behold – the acorn

Please don’t tell me what it’s all about
What you say are the social graces
The grease of a means to an end

Life moves on
Apparently, so have you
Time to clean

Dara ÓBriain: Homeopathy & Nutritionists vs Real Science

6 Mar

Stupid cell phones

6 Mar

Well actually the title should be stupid people with cell phones.

It used to be, prior to the ubiquity of cell phones, that I could amble down the street and recognize the schizophrenic people. They were the disheveled, pacing around, gesticulating and talking or shouting to themselves, often incoherently. Now I see people doing this all the time except that they are well dressed instead of disheveled. They are people talking on their cell phones with a Bluetooth device. For some peculiar psychological reason, which is a mystery, when people are talking on their cell phones other people become invisible. Also, the cell phone user will choose the most inconvenient place to do their rambling and pacing, as far as other people are concerned. Trying to get by them is a contact sport. The spot usually involves some bottleneck where a trashcan, or streetlight etc. occupies part of the walkable space. I believe this is related to the same phenomenon on why family reunions frequently take place at the end of escalators, just outside an elevator or a department store door.

While driving it is easy to discern who the cell phone abuser is. The first indication is that the driving speed drops dramatically, then the driver starts to weave back and forth occupying one and a half lanes instead of the usual single lane. At traffic lights, they like to wait until the entire sky turns green before proceeding.

Many people refer to their cell phones as a cell. I would like to throw them in a cell.

Stupid cell phones!

Choose your Award

4 Mar

Being National Grammar Day, and this being one of the few pieces of grammar that I actually know, I am giving myself this award! Yea me.

Check this link for your award.

Just an entry

4 Mar

I have actually written several pages of material intended for posting. The initial premise of each was very good to mediocre but then, as I wrote, drifted into a kvetching logorhhoea. I may go back and just list the pertinent points without the anecdotal tag. Both the short list and rambling have their weaknesses and strengths; the question is can I find an optimum where I make a point with its associated interesting story? The Issac Asimov posting is my intention; not ideal but far closer then what I have recently not posted.

Anyways, here is a very interesting film clip that I came across per a tweet from The Bloggess.

The story behind the video form NPR.

Sad news update about Chippy

2 Mar

RIP Chippy