I need more cowbells!

19 Feb

“More cowbell” Originally arose from a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch featuring Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell and the Blue Oyster Cult. I’m not sure it has a precise meaning. I have downloaded an Apple iPhone app cowbell which I can use during meetings where a particularly boring , laborious or useless point is being made. (And I wonder why I’m not the most popular guy with administrators.)

In this sense I am using it in that I need more stuff for my blog. Supposedly I now have a co-blogger but I have yet to see him do anything. So I’m opening up the comments section for, wait for it, comments! So please state what you would like me to cover or not cover or just add your own random thoughts – humor appreciated. I know there is a at least 10 if you, other than myself, who have actually looked at this blog. There is one fellow from United Kingdom – Sutton In Ashfield (Nottinghamshire) who I believe is a mathematician. If you wanted to talk about mathematical theorems, please say so. I may need a little help it’s been a couple of decades since I have routinely done them; and we all know how exciting they can be.

If you want me to attempt more poetry, etc. say so. If you like my photos and want more or you think they suck and want less indicate that too. (Stupid voice recognition software. Hey – how about correcting my grammar and spelling? I can handle that for awhile, then I will tell you to F off.)

Thanks – now comment dammit

P.S. Surprisingly, finding a decent link to the original cowbells sketch was quite difficult due to its overwhelming popularity and multiple imitations. The current link only kind of sucks


2 Responses to “I need more cowbells!”

  1. Nicole February 21, 2010 at 2:06 am #

    Love Christopher Walken! More Cowbell!!

  2. Nicole February 21, 2010 at 2:09 am #

    I have a hard enough time figuring out what to put on my blog. Lol. Good luck/have fun!

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