Fighting with the computer – It’s like dealing with a Terminator

30 Jan

I fought with the computer last night for several hours. I need to remotely connect to a couple locations while I’m on-call to work. The computer I’m using is a Mac running 10.6.2. This is fine for remotely connecting in and establishing a VPN, but in order to complete my work I have to run Windows software. (The hospital recently upgraded to windows XP (true) and the software I’m using was last upgraded in 2004 – only off by a decade the first time.) Well I don’t want to use a separate computer so I bought VMware Fusion. Most of the time this works just fine and I can share the VPN connection with the VMware’s NAT network connection. To step back for a moment, I recently had a corruption of one of the virtual machine realizations (that’s probably not the right terminology but I can’t think the proper term at the moment.) This meant that I had to delete and reinstall Windows XP so I was already having some difficulty to begin with but it had been working. Well last night for some reason the network connection was all messed up. I spent hours and hours trying to fix it. I deleted and reinstalled Windows XP, I screwed around with the different types of network connections-and after finally several hours I was able to get a functioning Internet connection on the VM. However it was not running through the MacOS X Cisco VPN. This meant I had to install the Cisco VPN on the Windows side. Well it turns out, as you might guess since the software has not been updated by the hospital since 2004, that this VPN is archaic and is no longer supported by Cisco. Cisco has since moved to another type of VPN and the support location that I had used in the past has discontinued the ability to download it. Now, if you really need it you can send them e-mail message, but this really doesn’t do you much good at 1 AM in the morning on the weekend. So I spent a considerable amount of time on Google tracking down the appropriate VPN client.

I was successful! I downloaded the client, successfully installed it, imported the correct PCF file, make my connection and did the work.

This morning, the system is working just like it used to. That is I can now share the VPN connection on the Macintosh and everything is just dandy. Great, just great. This reminds me of a joke:

There were these three engineers, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer and a software engineer, who were going to an engineering (or maybe a StarWars) convention. Upon arriving at the airport of their destination, they decided to share a car and save some money. While driving the rental car down the highway it started to make a funny noise and to lose speed. They pulled off to the side of the road and stopped.

The mechanical engineer said, “I think we cracked a valve shaft.”
The electrical engineer said, “No, it’s the distributor.”
The software engineer said, “Let’s get out of the car and get back in.”

This morning, after all of that, I felt like this car commercial.


One Response to “Fighting with the computer – It’s like dealing with a Terminator”

  1. mand January 31, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

    Great joke, great ad, and i have nothing intelligent whatsoever to say about your computer battles so i won't get into that. But well done keeping your sense of humour.Just noticed that you've added the Travel Hopefully Blog to your Links – thanx so much :0) I'll have to come out of half-hibernation and update my own blogroll sometime soon.

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