More Chippy google searchs

28 Jan

Surprisingly, at least to me, is how common Chippy the squirrel is found on Google. There are 6820 entries for: Chippy the squirrel blog. 6820! Well maybe that’s not a lot for Google but for a squirrel blogs?

The number one entry is this: Name Chippy Prototype’s new Assistant and win!

They even have a twitter page.

The second has a picture of Chippy the squirrels stealing an apple (not my Chippy).

The third is a charm bracelet.

The fourth is a link to “Chippy” the wonder squirrel.

And the fifth is some guy who calls himself Chippy the FCKING Squirrel ™ [[.057k]].

I’ll wait for another day to get to the remainder.

Can’t wait for Dreamweaver to arrive. Placing these photos is driving me nuts.


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