Bad Photos

13 Jan

I am having a problem taking photos of late. First, the digital camera is not packed, then when it is packed the battery goes dead and we left the charger at home bla bla bla.

Well the back up is my new iPhone camera. Good thing I didn’t buy it for the camera, it is OK for bright light static scenes, seems to overemphasize contrast. But considering my skill at using it, I should not be taken as a serious reviewer. I keep messing it up, and I had thought of myself as a pretty good amateur photographer. (May be I should just go back to 35 mm film.) Well below are samples of my work photographing part of my finger, peoples feet and the inside of my pocket.

Finger Photos

Somebodies feet

Inside of my pocket

Because it is always best to have the sun in front of you.

Not Sure

What’s this about holding the camera still?


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