Once you go creepy – there is no going back

12 Jan

I was reading a column from the Advice Goddess where she said:

Turning your nightstand into Shrine Of The Guy You’re Kinda Sorta Seeing isn’t clever or flattering, it’s creepsville.

I can relate to what this person did, even though it’s pretty obvious to me what she did is creepy, I’ll think it’s not quite so obvious when you’re actually the person being the creepy one. And one of the problems in being the “creepy one” is that once you are perceived as being creepy – that perception really sticks!

There’ve been times in my life where my perception of the situation has changed dramatically in an instant. It’s like I have looked at a building from one view all my life and the next instant I went to another spot and from another angle and saw the same building completely differently, and I couldn’t comprehend how I had ever had seen that building the way I had seen it before. So the point is in that approaching a situation from one perspective seem so correct, yet from a different viewpoint it is so obviously wrong, or in my case, creepy. While it was not apparent at the time I did it, and I had trouble viewing the situation from the other person’s point of view, but once I do, it seems so obvious that it’s incomprehensible that wasn’t apparent all along.

Once the creepy tag is attached, the other people’s perspective is that what ever you do is creepy even if it isn’t. Maybe a simpler explanation is that people view me as humorous and will laugh at things I say even if they aren’t funny, at least to me – just because I am KNOWN to be funny.

So, once you are tagged as creepy, how do you remove that label?

I have no fucking clue. If I had a clue, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the label to begin with.

Here are a list of things I’m pretty sure will not work:

  • Tracking the person down and confronting them in a parking lot and telling them you are not creepy.
  • Sending them expensive gifts.
  • Having mutual friends of yours trying to convince them that you’re not creepy.
  • Writing on your blog that they will never see, that you are not creepy.
  • Writing on your blog that you are not creepy and then sending them a link.

(No, I haven’t done the above; maybe the fourth one.)

This post kind of suck. May be I will think of a better way of phrasing it and rewrite it. That’s one of the good things about writing a blog no one’s reading. I can edit and edit it over and over and no one will notice.


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