Giant Robots – Not

12 Jan

Giant Robot Exposition

The Japanese-American National Museum was having a Giant
Robot show at the time I visited it. giant robot – that sounded interesting. I was expecting
something like this:

Giant Robot Exibit A

Or this:

Giant Robat Exibit B

or even this:Giant Robot Exhibit C

(All from Goolgle images for giant robots)

You know robots that are huge, really really big –like Gundam.

Here is a full wall poster for the event.

Nowhere is there a disclaimer stating : “No giant robots
actually in this exhibit.”

Where in the hell are my giant robots damn it? I felt like a 6 year old who had been cheated. I expected giant robots and all I see is psychedelic circa 1969 posters, a picture of an anus and what was suppose to be a vulva close up of the clitoral hood. Hell, it looked like stomach rugae to me; which means it a good thing I am not a gynecologist or gastroenterologist. (OK, some of the anima-like art I would have liked on my wall when I was 15 through 20, but no giant robots anywhere.) SCREWED! And not only was it not what I expected (just because I didn’t read the small print below the title is no excuse), there wasn’t that much their work of the exhibit either. It only took like 2 minutes to figure out there weren’t any giant robots. In fact to place was too small even one rather large robot.

Little did I know that Giant Robot is an Asian-American Art
magazine! <>;not being Asian, young or inclined towards the arts.


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