Unspoken rule of medical imaging

6 Jan

While all medical institutions state that their primary concerns are patient care and quality, and if it is also an academic facility, education and research, the day-to-day operations of a department is concerned with getting the job done. The associated personnel may not understand the variations in quality and types of exams and to them a “motor vehicle” is a “motor vehicle”, and their bottom line is money. (No institution can continue to exist if it cannot pay its way.) So when a truck is needed, they will substitute a sedan, because a “motor vehicle” is a “motor vehicle”.
Mousebert’s Rules of Medical Technologist

1.  A good study is one where the patient leaved the department as soon as possible.
2.  It is not an error unless the doctor catches it.
3.  If an error is caught, the response is:
a. I’m just turning it in; I had nothing to do with it.
b. It’s the previous shifts fault.

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